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Anonymous asked:
Hello, first I wanna thank you for the awesome blog! hope you keep it up :) I just want to suggest an artist to present in meet the artist, his name is Esref Armagan and he is a congenitally blind man, his work is unbelievable considering he never saw light and it's all from his imagination. have a good day :)

Thank you!

Its great that you have suggested Esref Armagan, (my original plan was to put a few of my favorite artists and then add many others). I haven’t heard about him, but now that I do I will definitely include him :D Thank you for your kind words -Hope you, too, have a nice day or night wherever you are ;)

If you have any other suggestions I will be more than delighted to include her or him on ‘Meet the artists’. Like, seriously, I want to put as many as possible and its impossible for me to see all the art/artists in the world so it would make this a bit easier for me. (don’t be shy)


olikane | artwork | instagram

Meet the artists: Taji Joseph

Taji Joseph

Age:22, 05/06/1992

From Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)

Visual Artist/Graphic Designer  

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letswaitforthedawn asked:
could you please have people check out my art page plz?

Thank you for submitting your drawing :) We encourage you to do it again in the near future

Anyone wondering here is the link to this persons art —->  http://letswaitforthedawn.tumblr.com/tagged/myart

Meet the artists: Elle Wills

Elle Wills

Age: Unknown

From Brisbane, Australia

Artist/Tattoo apprentice 

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Meet the artists: Toni Mahfud

Toni Gabriel Mahfud

Age: 19, 02/12/1994

 From Hamburg, Germany.



Instagram: http://instagram.com/tonimahfud

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Toni.Mahfud.Photography

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tonimahfud

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'Youtuber Eyes' by reichen_art